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Commercial and Editorial Photography
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Boat, Regatta and Sailing Photos of the Month
We gather our favorite photos after every event and organize them online for editors, designers, etc...

Take a look through the photos of the month and let us know if you would like a high resolution version for your business. Our prices are based on publication type and circulation.

If you have any special requests, please don't hesitate to contact us. We photograph around 50 regattas every year, so we have a good opportunity to photograph your product, or fulfill your editorial needs.

Check back often; photos are updated regularly.

2009 Photos of the Month
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Note to sail lofts, boat manufactures, and publications (large or small):
You may use our photos for your advertising, newsletters, publications, online or print, etc… for a fee. We don’t charge much, but nothing is free. Thank you for respecting our hard work and our copyright. Please add photo credit "" and a link, wherever our photos are used. Email us for details.

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Put PhotoBoat to work for you.

Allen and Daniela are hired for many commercial assignments each year, both on and off the water.  Marketing executives and small business owners put PhotoBoat's talents to work to get the perfect image for websites, print advertising, web newsletters, brochures, catalogues, even t-shirts.  No matter what the medium or the product, Allen and Daniela get the shots that sell.

Allen and Daniela’s event coverage background has given them two very important skills that commercial customers rave about: consistency and efficiency. They have learned how to get the right shot in any conditions and are accustomed to quick image processing.  For Allen and Daniela, the shoot isn’t over until the perfect shot is not only on the memory card, but in the computer, processed, and sent to the customer.

After all, this is art, but more importantly, it's business.


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Our list of clients is large and growing; please contact us if you are interested in our complete list.

Marine Photograher Allen and Daniela Clark

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Commercial and Editorial Photography

Commercial and Editorial Photography

Commercial and Editorial Photography

Commercial and Editorial Photography

Sailing Regatta Boat Photos and Event Photos by Boat Photographers Allen Clark and Daniela Coen.
Event and Regatta Photos
Commercial and Editorial Photography
Commercial and Editorial
Marine Art
Marine Art